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Client Testimonials





“A building begins with the unmeasurable, goes through measureable means when designed, and in the end must be immeasurable.” 

(Louis Kahn, American Architect) 


Royer Troutman

Raul, you have brought us immeasurable pleasure by creating for us a home, both immeasurably functional and beautiful. 

We truly appreciate all your extra touches that make this house special and which exceed our expectations—the beveled corners, the crown molding, the tray ceilings, the picture molding, the wire railings, the supporting beams, the sliding door, the specially designed front porch, framed-in areas, hanging of stained glass windows, the Christmas candle placement, extra rooms and decks, and much more. 

Your design ideas and advice about upgrades enhanced not only our home but also the whole neighborhood. The house is a showplace.

In addition to the actual building that you have delivered, we appreciate the experience of working with you. Always, calm, resourceful, and efficient, you have a calling. Your chosen profession lights you up and sparks a fire in those around you.

In building this house we have seen you as a leader, companion, counselor, teacher, and friend. You support your workers both physically and emotionally. No task was too menial or taxing for you. You are not just a “paper boss,” but the guy who wears the tool belt. Daily we heard you say, “No problem,” and “We’ll get it done.”

You have a vision for each home, and we all experience the joy you feel when that building manifests itself in reality. 

Seeing you work so hard, listening to your creative ideas, and sharing your vision inspired us to try to rise to your level of perfection. We are better for knowing you.

Your relaxed personality, your professional focus, playful charm, enthusiastic spirit, delightful sense of humor, can-do attitude, honest integrity, and love of life, all contribute to an atmosphere of ease and comfort, yet disciplined and dynamic.

Simone de Beauvoir once said, “The ideal of happiness has always taken material form in the house, whether cottage or castle; it stands for permanence and separation from the world.” We are, indeed, quite happy here.

Your labor has blessed our home and made it sing. 

Thank you and know that you, your family, and your workers are always welcome in our home.


Fred Stack

Subject: Thank you

Dear Raul,

We have now been in our home for three months and I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how very pleased we are about everything, especially the experience of working with you.  Your calm personality and can do attitude made the building of our home an enjoyable experience.  Your ability to listen and then explain clearly all options possible to address questions raised  insured no “issues”ever arose.  
One of the pleasant surprises was your ability to actually finish our home earlier than estimated when we first agreed to begin.  You had estimated 6 months, but actually finished in just a little over 5.  

The quality of the craftsmanship of your team and the sub-contractors you employ are exceptional.  Their skills combined with your innovative suggestions for how to improve the original design with archways and art nooks and truly beautiful unique ceilings in many rooms have made our home a true showcase.

Thank you,
Fred Stack

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